The specification of system requirements and architecture & Data acquisition solution development

A1.1 The current state of technology analysis and the specification of the working framework

A1.2 The specification of use-cases and requirements

A1.3 System architecture specification

A1.4 Sensors and platform selection

A1.5 Design and sensors description

A1.6 Platform design

In this phase, a marketing study was performed in order to determine what can be integrated into a smart and innovative warning platform. For example:

  • Sensors mounted on a UAV or on the field officers and integration of the data from the sensors in a 3D map;
  • Multi-layered vision of the data received from the sensors;
  • Infrastructure identification of the dynamic network of the multi-UAV monitoring system;
  • Features of several drones suitable to the monitoring platform;
  • Features of the sensors which can be mounted on drones;

Phase 1 was completed on December 31st , 2017.