The development of the model for 3D reconstruction and actors monitoring & System design

A2.1 3D Reconstruction using SLAM Techniques

A2.2 Actors localization and monitoring

A2.3 Multi-modal fusion of data received from the sensors

A2.4 System definition for guidance and decision support

A2.5 Automated analysis of the potential hazard events

A2.6 The identification of the changes and roles for actors in real time

Through this phase, technical specifications were presented, including:

  • Software applications specialized in 3D maps generation;
  • Localization and monitoring algorithms;
  • Multi-modal fusion data from sensors;
  • Methods to detect suspicious behaviour;
  • Analysis of the images from camera mounted on the UAV;
  • Automated detection of several objects using 3D images derived from specific algorithms suitable for monitoring applications.

Phase 2 was completed on May 31st, 2018.